Chinese Health Qigong in KL 2017 (3)

Henry Remanlay L.Ac., C.Ht.(Trainer)
Dr.Tan & Remanlay Institute
Sinshe, Kinesiologist, Medical Hypnotherapist
Chinese Health QigongYi Jin Jing and Taijiquan


Yi jinjing is a type of Qigong training developed by a monk Bodhidharma who is the originator of Shaolin martial arts.
Traditional Yi Jin Jing based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine theory of 5 elements, metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Health Qigong Yi Jin Jing has absorbed 12 core movements with modern science approach . The movements form continues integrity focusing on stretching the tendons, joint flexibility and combine softness with strength.
These movements have been proved to be able to improve health, fitness, long life, improve intelligence and prevent diseases of the joints, digestive system, heart and nervous system.
The course held for two days, and you will learn:
> the characteristic of Yi Jin Jing movement and warm up movements before Yi Jin Jing
> practice Health Qigong Yi Jin Jing movements step by step .
> theory

Taijiquan is a movement to support health and wellness through the breath and movement to stimulate the acupuncture meridians. Taijiquan has dimensions of martial art which if understood properly can help you to activates acupuncture meridians energy more effective than physical exercise.
Taijiquan was developed by Chan San Feng or Thio Sam Hong who later taught and developed by the Chen family in the village of Chen Jia Gou. Taijiquan become famous and a lot of research had been done and demonstrated great benefits of Taijiquan for physical and emotional health.
Understanding the concept of overcoming violence with tenderness make Taijiquan movements very effective to circulate the body's energy flows in the acupuncture meridians.
In one day class you will learn the fundamental and important in Taijiquan:
> Practicing Zhanzuang, often also known as standing meditation
> Chan si gong or silk reeling movements

Everyone, of all age group 14 years and above
Date& Time:
30th April 2017 (2pm – 5pm) | 1st May 2017 (9am – 4pm) 2nd | May 2017 (9am – 3pm)

Space is limited to 25 participants. SECURE YOUR SEATS before 22nd April 2017.

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Various MOVEMENT patterns enhance emotional, mental, physical, spiritual learning, healing promoting mind/body balance and wellness


Tue, 2017-05-02 09:00 to 15:00